CEEatGT Update: April 2015

Meet our new Jones Chair
Glaucio Paulino joined the School this semester, bringing his unique expertise in origami engineering, topology optimization and computational mechanics. He also brings the soul of an artist, which you can see in the design above of an upper bridge spanning several towers. Paulino’s team used his topology optimization techniques to create the unique design.

Two new NSF fellows

Two more CEE students have won much-sought-after and prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowships. Atiyya Shaw works on understanding and modeling the visual search patterns of transportation users. Brittany Suttner is developing ways to assess water quality using the genetic markers of E. coli bacteria.

Top-notch hosts The Georgia Tech chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers welcomed their peers from 10 other schools in the region for an annual conference and competition, organizing events throughout the Atlanta area and planning all the logistics. They also took first place in the bamboo-reinforced concrete beam competition.

Capstone designs Two teams of CEE students participated in the spring Capstone Design Expo, the first time the School has been represented at the huge assembly of senior-design projects. The teams designed a new West Campus dining hall and a pedestrian bridge to serve the new Atlanta Braves stadium.

Life-changing letter Opening mail from Georgia Tech can change the course of students’ lives. Just ask alumnus Jacob Tzegaegbe, who is now studying in London as a Marshall Scholar after earning two CEE degrees.
Highest honor ASCE’s board has elected Barry Goodno and Rafael Bras to the society’s highest level of membership, recognizing their eminence and  longstanding contributions to the practice of civil engineering.
Seismic leadership School Chair Reginald DesRoches has received ASCE’s Duke Lifeline Earthquake Engineering award. The organization recognized DesRoches for his work creating new ways to assess the earthquake vulnerabilities of highway bridges and his career of research and teaching about earthquakes and lifeline infrastructure.
WIE winners A baker’s dozen of CEE students won scholarships totaling nearly $15,000 at this year’s Women in Engineering banquet. The company-sponsored awards recognize some of the College of Engineering’s top female students.
Undergrad researcher shines Jose Hernandez won an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher award at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Hernandez has been working with Rafi Muhanna on a web-based interval calculator.
Commuting confusion Pat Mokhtarian’s latest article in the journal Transportation looks at why many people who say they’d love to teleport to work or school each day — thus eliminating their daily commute — also indicate they don’t see that commute as a waste of time. Confusing, right? Her piece also grabbed the attention of The Atlantic’s CityLab.
Social sustainability A spring conference on social sustainability featured a keynote speech from Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy. Her talk was a fascinating exploration of the connections between creating and managing wealth and a community’s sustainability.

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