CEEatGT Update: February 2015

New leadership minor
CEE is rolling out more classes for the new Global Engineering Leadership Development minor this summer and fall. They’ll include a foundational course taught by School Chair Reginald DesRoches and industry leaders.

Hyatt registration open

Former Georgia Tech President Wayne Clough will deliver the inaugural Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Lecture March 24, 2015. Get your name on the reservation list here.

Reshaping education Alumna Andrea Ardiles is using her civil engineering degree to transform the educational opportunities of poor children in Peru. Her year-old nonprofit, Learning Goal, has built two new classrooms and a new school so far and they’re hoping to finish 10 new projects this year.

Service and leadership Howard Tellepsen Jr. won the prestigious Dean Griffin Community Service Award this month from the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. Tellepsen, B.S. 1966, has spent his career, his spare time and his treasure improving his community and his alma mater.

Oil on the beach Kostas Konstantinidis and colleagues from the School of Biology and Florida State University have studied how microbes changed on one Florida beach as they broke down oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill. That could help them figure out how to speed up the natural process in the future.
Transit and Twitter Public transit agencies get some harsh treatment on Twitter, but some have been able to turn that to their benefit. CityLab asked Kari Watkins about transit and tweets.
Synced up Atlanta voters will vote next month whether to spend millions syncing the city’s traffic signals. Michael Hunter explained the best way to make that work and offered one caution in a recent Creative Loafing story.
Metered ramps Do the on-ramp meters on Atlanta-area highways improve traffic flow? Fox 5 Atlanta asked Research Engineer Angshuman Guin. (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.)
Airborne microbes The New York Times Magazine and the BBC picked up on studies by Kostas Konstantinidis about the tiny organisms floating in the air and their impact on the environment.
Universal sanitation Global sanitation expert — and CEE alum — Eddy Perez is helping develop the next set of global development goals (updating the UN’s Millennium Development Goals). He told a group of CEE students the new targets for sanitation and health will take a radically different approach from the old ones.
Class president Ross Wang’s International Road Federation colleagues thought highly of his leadership and contributions at their recent gathering: they’ve elected him the 2015 class president.
A certain invitation The world’s experts in uncertainty modeling will gather in India later this year, including Rafi Muhanna. The meeting’s organizers have invited Muhanna to deliver a key lecture at the meeting.

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