CEEatGT Update: July 2015

A visit from USDOT
The No. 2 guy in the U.S. Department of Transportation spent a full day at Georgia Tech, including talking to graduate students and faculty members about their research and innovations. Victor Mendez also participated in a roundtable conversation about transportation infrastructure investment, economic growth, and strengthening American manufacturing.

Nuclear cracks Cracks in a concrete containment building at a nuclear plant in Florida ultimately led to its shut down. The question is: was there something specific about the concrete that caused the problems? Ph.D. student Bradley Dolphyn is on the case.

Bridging divides A semester in Istanbul, Turkey, was eye opening for Adriel Hsu. Hsu describes overcoming difficulty with the language and living in a different culture in a Mundy Scholar essay.

Concrete innovation Concrete structures that keep themselves clean of organic material like fungi or bacteria. Concrete that can actually help purify the air. Sounds like science fiction. But it’s real work going on in Professor Kim Kurtis’ research group. The Christian Science Monitor talked to her about it.

Solid ground Ph.D student Alejandro Martinez picked up one of the inaugural awards from the Golder Foundation for his work on site characterization tools. Martinez has worked on new multi-sensor tools that result in more-detailed information about soils and the subsurface in less time.

Water warrior One of the world’s most prestigious prizes for water research is going to Professor John Crittenden. The 2015 Clarke Prize honors Crittenden for his work in water sustainability and water treatment technology. It’s one of only a few worldwide prizes in water research.

Berkeley honors Usually he’s the one handing out awards to alumni. Now he’s won one himself. School Chair Reginald DesRoches joins the civil engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni this fall at the University of California, Berkeley. It’s a select group of graduates who can serve as role models for students.

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