CEEatGT Update: June 2015

Teaching the teachers
David Scott and some CEE graduate students have been helping teachers from metro Atlanta’s Gwinnett County reinforce their science and math skills this summer. That included a tour of the Structures Lab and real-world demonstrations of why those skills matter. The idea behind the program is to help teachers spark students’ interest in technical fields early in their education.

When Target comes to town

What happens when a “big-box” retailer moves into a community that has never had one before? Will it hurt downtown shops? Will people drive more to shop at a new Target? Patricia Mokhtarian and a team of researchers were able to assess the impact in Davis, California, where a Target opened a few years. Their findings might surprise you.

More than engineering How do you build a two-story, reinforced concrete building for a year’s worth of experiments that will nearly destroy it? If you’re Tim Wright, you enlist the help of Atlanta’s construction community and some CEE alumni. Tim shares the inside story of how he got the building up and what he learned in the process.

Committed to women Ph.D. student Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson is among the American Association of University Women’s new fellowship recipients. The award recognizes students who excel academically and have demonstrated a commitment to women and girls.

Research leadership Ram Pendyala has some new responsibilities on his plate this summer. He’s just taken over as chair of the Transportation Research Board’s Planning and Environment Group. He has also become associate editor of the journal Transportation Research Part D.

Resisting Sherman That’s the title of a new book by alumnus Tom Robertson, a registered professional engineer and land surveyor in Augusta, Georgia, who graduated in 1973. It assembles the journals of one of Robertson’s ancestors, a Confederate surgeon, who was with a unit fleeing the Union general in the waning days of the Civil War.

Safer buildings Yahoo News and the website LiveScience have picked up Reginald DesRoches’ work finding new ways to harden a common type of reinforced concrete building against earthquakes.

Biking forward The Cycle Atlanta app and the related study of the same name have won the Young Professionals in Transportation’s first-ever Research of the Year award. The app, developed by Kari Watkins and Christopher Le Dantec, shows Atlanta leaders where cyclists travel and the routes they take, helping shape the future of biking and biking infrastructure in the city.

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