CEEatGT Update: October 2015

Breedlove: Good leaders empower the people they lead
Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove delivered that key message in his Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Lecture Oct. 26. Breedlove, the commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Europe, drew on decades of military leadership experience for his remarks, saying that people are any leader’s most important asset. Read more highlights of his speech. (We’ll post video of the full lecture soon.)

Lessons from S.C. flooding
Hermann Fritz led a team of Georgia Tech, Clemson and industry scientists to Columbia, South Carolina, this month to evaluate the impact of historic flooding on dams in the area. Many of those structures failed during the inundation.

FE exam prep goes online
Already, more than 1,000 people are working their way through a new Fundamentals of Engineering exam preparation MOOC that went live in recent weeks. The course is free and open to anyone preparing to sit for the test that puts young engineers on the path to professional licensure.

A passion for helping Undergraduate Rebecca Yoo always knew she wanted to make a difference in the world, especially in communities in need of water, sanitation, and other improved infrastructure. But it wasn’t until after she was already enrolled at Tech that she found civil engineering — or, rather, it found her.

Golden Girl The Georgia Tech Golden Girl is an environmental engineering major this year: second-year undergraduate Annabel McAtee. She’s one of the top twirlers in the nation, and she’s traveled an unorthodox path to the spotlight at Tech.

Traffic and big data Michael Hunter talked to GPB about our future of driverless cars and the mountains of data cars are already feeding to transportation system managers. That data already is having a significant impact on how engineers keep people moving.

She means business That’s what the Atlanta Business Chronicle says about 1982 civil engineer alumna Emmy Montanye. She won the 2015 Women Who Mean Business Award from the publication, which recognizes her impact on the city’s business community and how she has blazed a trail for others. (Montanye also just joined the CEEatGT External Advisory Board.)

Rising star When MIT gathered a group of young women who are rising stars in civil and environmental engineering education to help them build their careers, they invited CEEatGT Ph.D. student Christine Dykstra. She’s studying bioelectrochemical systems for converting carbon dioxide into methane gas.

EREF scholar The Environmental Research & Education Foundation named Laura Mast one of its 2015 scholars for her work on extracting heavy metals from coal ash. The second-year Ph.D. student is working to synthesize new agents to pull rare earth elements out of the ash.

Inspiring youth Students from around the world learned how sustainable development can create comprehensive and enduring wealth in the developing world from Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy at the first-ever International Youth Environmental Symposium. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency organized the gathering, which brought students from Brazil, France and Germany and the southeast United States to Atlanta.

Frontiers I Chloe Arson was among a select group of young educators invited to the Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium this month. The prestigious Frontiers event gathered young leaders in the field to learn about and share the best new approaches in teaching engineering.

Frontiers II The National Academies invited another CEEatGT faculty member to travel to Saudi Arabia for the Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering and Medicine. Iris Tien joins other young leaders in December to talk about the latest in sensing technology and its applications.


Global exposure Joe Brown was among a small group of “young leaders” from the United States invited to join scholars, policy makers and business leaders at the STS forum 2015 this month. The conference gathers top minds to explore the implications of rapidly advancing science and technology in our society and to find ways to ensure the benefits of those advances reach all people.


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