ForeCAST Video Initiative: Round III

The results are in:
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Check back summer 2016 for details on how to enter Round IV!

Filming the past, present, and future of civil and environmental engineering.

The fields of Civil and Environmental Engineering have had an enormous impact on our world. In fact, everything you see that makes up our modern society was created or made possible by the work of civil and environmental engineers. As we look to the future, many of the challenges facing society require innovations that civil and environmental engineers are poised to develop and implement.

CEEatGT is sponsoring another round of student-produced videos to document these challenges and chronicle the spectacular achievements and technologies that civil and environmental engineering contribute to our society and public lives.

How will we address some of the world’s most pressing problems? Show us!

ForeCAST Rules & Guidelines

Who Can Submit?

You! You must be a CEEatGT student in good standing to submit. Teams are permitted to collaborate on a project as long as at least one team member is a CEEatGT student in good standing.

Prizes & Stipends

As recommended by the judging panel:

  • 1st place “Best Video Overall” will be awarded $3,000.
  • 2nd place will be awarded $1,000.
  • 3rd place will be awarded $500.

All remaining submissions that meet all required qualifications will receive a $250 stipend and will be featured on our School YouTube channel and related social media.

Rules & Requirements

Videos must meet the following requirements:

  • Each person can submit one video (or, be on one team of people).
  • Videos must be between one minute and three minutes long.
  • Videos must be submitted in a common video format: .mp4, .mov, .avi, .mpg, or .wmv. All other formats (such as .drc, .gif, .swf, .rm, .flv) must be converted to one of the acceptable formats mentioned above.
  • Resolution must be 720p or better (1280 x 720).
  • Your final video file should not exceed 1 gigabyte in size.
  • You are free to use any kind of software to edit, enhance and export your video. Animation and special effects are allowed and encouraged!
  • Your video must be related to civil and environmental engineering — but beyond that, use your imagination.
  • The fundamental purpose of this initiative is to provide opportunities for the general public to better understand the vital role of civil and environmental engineering in our world and in addressing some of the global grand challenges. We also want to stimulate further learning and curiosity for the field, so keep that in mind. Videos may be highlighted on YouTube and our School website as well as showcased to prospective students and to K-12 students and teachers.

Please note:

Students must be actively enrolled and in good standing with the Institute to be eligible for the foreCAST Initiative. Submissions may utilize any production techniques (animation, documentary, drama, experimental video, hybrid work, etc.) and must be entirely uploadable to YouTube.

Each entrant is solely responsible for the information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, tags, and other materials included in the Submission, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted. A Submission must be original and the entrant must (1) hold all necessary rights to all the materials, images, videos, graphics and information in the Submission or (2) have permission from the holder of such rights, or (3) the materials, images, videos, graphics and information in the Submission must be in the public domain.

A Submission may not contain offensive, disparaging or other inappropriate content and may not defame or otherwise violate the rights, copyrights, trademarks, or rights of publicity, privacy, or reputation of any third party. A Submission may not contain any material to promote sale of a product or service.

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged by a panel of CEEatGT faculty and staff. Judges will consider the following criteria in making their selections:

  • Creativity in the content selection and presentation.
  • Effectiveness in highlighting engineering achievements and technologies that advance human welfare and address the needs of society or have great potential to do so.
  • Educational significance and clarity in explaining engineering concepts in an engaging and entertaining way.
  • Breadth of public appeal and interest.

Decisions of the judges will be final and incontestable. All prize winners will be informed of their status via email no later than September 2016.

Check Out Equipment, Download Forms & User Guides

The following forms, guides, and resources are available for CEEatGT foreCAST participants:


  • Equipment Inventory - PDF. Equipment may be checked out for up to one week per check-out, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to reserve a piece in advance, please email item name(s) and the date you would like to check-out to





If you have questions, please email Jess: We can't wait to see what you film!

FAQs & Help

  • Q I don’t have any video equipment. Can I borrow yours?
    A Yes! CEEatGT Communications has cameras, microphones, lights, and backdrops available for check-out. You can borrow equipment for 7 days, so be sure to work out a filming schedule before reserving equipment. You can also check out equipment through the Georgia Tech Library.
  • Q Help! I’ve never made or edited video footage.
    A Here are some helpful links and user guides to help teach you about videography, our equipment, and what resources are available from CEEatGT and Georgia Tech to help you get started.
  • Q What is the desired video style?
    A Any technique and genre you choose, as long as the video can be uploaded to YouTube and is on topic and complies with all other rules. Some great examples of creative video styles can also be found on NAE's Engineering For You site.
  • Q I need help with something else.
    A Sure! Send your question to:

You can also submit your video to NSF's E4U3 Competition!

The National Academy of Engineering announces the 3rd annual Engineering for You Video Contest (E4U3) on Mega Engineering!

Most of humankind’s biggest endeavors are mega engineering projects that provide solutions spanning disciplines, geographies, and cultural boundaries.

We are looking for 1- to 2-minute videos that (i) introduce a particular mega-engineering project, (ii) highlight its importance/contribution to people and society, and (iii) suggest contributions to its development.

The Grand Prize of $25,000 will go to the most inspiring 1-2 minute video. We hope you will participate in the contest and encourage those in your communities to enter as well!

The E4U3 Video Contest is open for video submissions from March 1, 2016 to May 31, 2016.

Visit to learn more!

Questions? Please email