UTC/GTI Announces 2010 Fall Seminar Luncheon Series

The University Transportation Center at the Georgia Transportation Institute (UTC/GTI) is pleased to announce its 2010 Fall Seminar Luncheon Series.  All talks begin at 11:00 AM.  Location information will be posted on the GTI web site as soon as it becomes available at http://www.utc.gatech.edu/news/2010Seminar.html.





Thursday, 09/02/10

Gary McVoy

NYSDOT Director, Operations Div.

Sustainability, Transportation & Perspective

Friday, 09/17/10

Lucio Soibelman

Professor of CEE at Carnegie Mellon University

Data mining in transportation

Friday, 09/24/10

Ardalan Avahidi

Assistant Professor of ME at Clemson University

Predictive Energy Management in Networked Vehicles: Exploiting Traffic and Terrain Preview for Fuel Saving

Friday, 10/29/10

David Boyce

Professor of CEE at Northwestern University

Unique User-equilibrium Road Traffic Flows for Two User Classes

Tuesday, 11/23/10

Robert Bertini

 Deputy Administrator of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration [RITA] at the U.S. DOT


Friday, 12/10/10

Anthony Perl

Professor and Director Simon Fraser University

Urban Environmental Policy

UTC/GTI is committed to developing into a Center of Excellence that provides high-quality leadership on research, education and technology transfer to address issues related to transportation system productivity (including both passenger travel and freight of all modes), economic growth, and finance.

UTC/GTI works with local, state and regional agencies to identify research problems that support their needs and identify opportunities for them to advance to the next level. The goals of UTC/GTI are to educate a new generation of students who well versed in art of multidisciplinary thinking and problem solution and can collaborate effectively in teams to tackle problems with systems dimensions; provide continuing education opportunities to keep practitioners at the cutting edge of systems methodologies and technologies with transportation applications; and provide technology transfer resources to disseminate knowledge.

For additional information regarding UTC/GTI, please visit http://www.utc.gatech.edu/index.html