CEE's CASE Center recognized at GTRC 75th Anniversary Celebration

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's CASE Center has been chosen as one of the honorees at the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) 75th Anniversary Celebration.

At the event, held at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center Ballroom in December, GTRC honored faculty from all colleges at Georgia Tech, highlighting outstanding research and entrepreneurial efforts. The CASE Center is recognized for continuous contribution and leadership in software engineering.

The CASE Center faculty and staff include:  The CASE Center team (L-R): Joan Incrocci, Hamid Zand, Michael Swanger, Julian Diaz-Ospina, Robert Abernathy, Marjorie Jorgenson, Leroy Emkin, Stacy Stringer, Kenneth M. Will, and David Key.
Robert A. Abernathy, Senior Developer
Julian Diaz, Research Engineer I
Dr. Leroy Z. Emkin, Founder and Co-Director
Joan Incrocci, Admin. Manager and Domestic Marketing
Marjorie Jorgenson, License Manager and Accounting
David Key, Q/A, Q/C Manager
Stacy Stringer, Senior Developer
Dr. Michael S. Swanger, Sr. Research Engr.
Dr. Kenneth M. Will, Co-Director
Hamid Zand, Sr. Research Engr.

About the CASE Center
The CASE Center's vision is to sustain its position of world leadership in the research and development of structural engineering analysis and design computer software, and to serve as a technological pipeline through which results of structural engineering research and development flow from Georgia Tech to industry, government, and educational institutions in a form which sets the highest standards of quality and performance.

The principle software product of the CASE Center is GTSTRUDL® which has been developed to satisfy the advanced structural engineering analysis and design, data management, and decision making needs of structural engineers. Research in the CASE Center focuses on the development of accurate, creative and efficient analysis and design solutions for tomorrow’s structures as well as the retrofit and rehabilitation of existing structures.

Since its establishment in 1975, over $50 million in GTSTRUDL® software license and research contract income to GTRC has been generated by the CASE Center. In fact, not only is the CASE Center the largest generator of continuous license income to GTRC of any single product of research at Georgia Tech, it is the longest operating research Center at Georgia Tech and it is unique among universities in the United States and arguably the world.

GTSTRUDL® currently is used by more than 1,000 engineering corporations, government agencies, and universities, and thousands of professional structural engineers, in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Such extensive use of this software brings substantial visibility to the Institute throughout the world. The GT STRUDL® team is particularly proud of the fact that the full version of GTSTRUDL® is currently licensed to more than 140 universities around the world. Students regularly download a very limited version at no charge for their personal use for undergraduate and graduate assignments.

GTSTRUDL® has become the de facto standard structural engineering software system widely used throughout the nuclear power and nuclear defense industries of the United States, and is also widely used in the offshore oil and gas production, industrial plant design, bridge engineering and other civil infrastructure industries throughout the world. For example, GTSTRUDL® has been used on long span cable stayed bridges in Russia, wind farms off the coast of Denmark, offshore platforms off the coasts of Brazil, Indonesia, England, Japan and Dubai, mines in Chile and Australia, industrial plants in India, Argentina and the United States, locks and dams in China and on the Mississippi River, high-rise buildings in Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy and the United States, as well as nuclear power plants in China, South Korea and the United States including the plant currently under construction in Georgia.

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