Amekudzi Co-authors Systems Engineering Textbook

Dr. Adjo Amekudzi, associate professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has joined Emeritus Professor C. Jotin Khisty and Professor Jamshid Mohammadi at the Illinois Institute of Technology to develop the 2nd edition of “Systems Engineering with Economics, Probability, and Statistics,” J. Ross Publishing, Inc.©, 2012. This timely textbook presents the fundamentals of hard and soft systems-thinking and engineering, along with economics, probability and sustainability Dr. Adjo Amekudziengineering and planning applications. The publication provides engineering students and practitioners with tools for integrated problem solving in real world systems, which are typically complex with emergent properties.

The American Society of Civil Engineering’s Vision of Civil Engineering in 2025 emphasizes how civil engineers are entrusted by society to create a sustainable world and enhance the global quality of life. The organization calls on them to transform themselves to meet tomorrow’s challenges: challenges involving engineering to secure public health, environmental quality including energy sufficiency and effective adaptation to climate change), economic competitiveness without sacrificing human quality of life, poverty reduction and civil infrastructure development for basic human needs including potable water and sanitation. Such engineering is necessarily multidimensional and based on a systems view of the world. This textbook contributes to the evolving body of knowledge of advancing systems and sustainability thinking, engineering and education. It is suitable for courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.