CEE Announces Glenn Rix as Associate Chair for Finance and Administration

Karen and John Huff School Chair Reginald DesRoches is pleased to announce that Dr. Glenn Rix has Dr. Glenn Rixaccepted his offer to serve as Associate Chair for Finance and Administration within the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at Georgia Tech, effective May 15, 2012.

Dr. Rix is a an internationally recognized leader in the area of geotechnical earthquake engineering, and most recently served as director of the NEESR Grand Challenge project on ports. He serves on numerous national committees and boards, and is well recognized for his work and leadership with several key earthquake reconnaissance teams.

Dr. DesRoches states, "Glenn has been extremely active in his service to the School.  He has served as chair of the School's undergraduate committee and leader of the Geosystems affinity group.  He has also served on the RPT & PPR committees, the statutory advisory committee, the graduate committee, as well as on numerous search committees. I look forward to working with Glenn and thank him for his ongoing commitment to CEE."