CEE Welcomes Alumni Panelists & Guests to Family Weekend

Grosvenor "Rusty" Fish CE '90, CoM '00; Jim Anderson 'CE 88, MSCE '89; Sharon Just, PE, CE '89; Jaehong Kim, PhD, Georgia Power Distinguished Associate Professor
(pictured from left)

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) was pleased to host an interactive meeting of the parents and students visiting the Institute and participating in the Family Weekend schedule of events on campus.  CEE guests were welcomed by Karen and John Huff School Chair Reginald DesRoches, Ph.D. who turned the afternoon over to Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs Jaehong Kim, Ph.D. Dr. Kim’s presentation on the School of CEE was both informative and entertaining.  He used a list entitled ”16 Sweet Reasons Why CEE at Georgia Tech is so Great” (link below) to highlight aspects of what the CEE program has to offer to students.

Following Dr. Kim’s presentation, the school was honored to present a panel of three special CEE alumni who had graciously agreed to speak with guests about their careers as civil engineers.  The panel of guests included Jim Anderson (CE ’88, MSCE ’89) Vice President of Product Development at Cloud Social Marketing, Oracle, Sharon Just, P.E. (CE ’89) President of Just Engineering and Associates, Inc., and Grosvenor “Rusty” Fish (CE ’90, CoM ’00) Vice President of Engineering Operations at Sterling InfoSystems.  Ms. Just and Mr. Fish both serve on the CEE External Advisory Board.

The panelisst briefly discussed their education and diverse career paths and then entertained a wide range of questions from the audience regarding making successful career choices upon graduation in today’s climate.  They further discussed choices available to students while enrolled at Georgia Tech that will impact career paths.  Panelists emphasized the importance of becoming involved in campus activities and clubs to develop “soft skills”, the value of having a co-op experience, considering acquiring a master’s degree immediately following completion of the bachelor’s degree, preparing to become a professional engineer (P.E.), and the pros and cons of seeking employment post-graduation in the private sector (small vs. large organizations) vs. the public sector.

At the conclusion of the formal meeting, panelists, guests, CEE faculty and staff adjourned to enjoy refreshments and continue informally discussing why there really are at least 16 sweet reasons that CEE at Georgia Tech is so great!

Click below to learn more about Dr. Kim's 16 Sweet Reasons Why CEE is so Great!