Mundy Global Learning Endowment is ready to send more students packing

CEE students who are interested in adding an international component to their Georgia Tech education are invited to apply for the next round of grants from the Joseph S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment. The deadline for applying for the next round of grants is Saturday, June 15.

Apply today.

The Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment was established to give CEE students the opportunity to participate in an international learning experience during their time at Georgia Tech. To date, more than 80 students have participated in the program, traveling to Australia, Nicaragua, Greece, Portugal, England and beyond.

"The endowment is designed to give students the optimum flexibility in defining their learning experience," says Laura Kovalchick, director of global research development. "The great thing about this program is that it sparks such creativity on the part of the students, who develop their own proposals as a part of the application process. And the enthusiasm of past participants is hard to match. It has given so many students an outstanding experience of another culture."

This summer, CEE students will use the endowment to do research in France, review transportation trends in Switzerland and Amsterdam, work on a solar-powered water project in Cameroon, explore sustainable environmental insfrastructure in Spain, and study the canal project in Panama.

Though priority is given to undergraduate applicants, graduate students are invited to apply as well.