Three CEE graduate students receive ARCS scholarships

Candace Brakewood

Three CEE graduate students were tapped this week to receive more than $20,000 in academic scholarships from the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation.

Candace Brakewood, Elizabeth Nadelman, and Laura Redmond were feted at a luncheon gala, held Nov. 20 at Atlanta's Ritz Carlton to celebrate the awards, which are given annually by the ARCS® Foundation to advance science and technology in the United States .

Brakewood received the $7,500 Drummond Award for her work on OneBusAway, a mobile app that is designed to give commuters real-time information on their transit options.

"I am quantifying the impact of real-time vehicle location information on transit ridership," she said. Recently  named "Student of the Year" by the National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity Management (NCTSPM), Brakewood  hopes to finish up her doctoral work in the summer of 2014.

Elizabeth nadelman
Elizabeth Nadelman

Nadelman, a third-year graduate student, received the $7,500 UPS Award in recognition of her research focusing on the early-age properties and long-term performance of concrete made with "green" limestone cements.

"My goal is to develop more sustainable concrete mixtures that can be tailored to achieve optimal early-age properties and improved durability," she said.

Redmond received the Century Award for her work focusing on the seismic testing and design of hybrid concrete-masonry structures.

Laura Redmond
Laura Redmond

"They are thought to perform better in earthquakes than traditional unreinforced masonry infill structures and they use materials that are available in developing countries," she said.

Redmond hopes to finish up her doctoral work in the summer of 2014.