Georgia Tech Team Shines at ASCE Regional Conference

The Georgia Tech American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter represented CEEatGT at the Carolinas Regional Conference this month. The team produced the overall first-place steel bridge and placed second with their concrete canoe.

Read more about their accomplishments at the conference, held at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

ASCE President:  Kyle Manweiller

Regional Conference Chair:  Matt Wallace

Concrete Canoe

Chris Kiser & Paul Krehbiel  (co-captains)

·        2nd place, co-ed sprint:  Alyssa Perkins, Brad Englund, Sarah Ecker, Gabe Hoffman

Numerous students participated in the races under brutal, near-freezing and rainy conditions. Others assisted in the casting of the canoe itself, which was buit in the Georgia Tech Structures Lab.

This year, Georgia Tech's canoe was one of only a few that did not require any supplementary flotation.

"I think you could have put the front line of the Tech football team in the canoe and it would have maintained sufficient freeboard this year," said Professor Don White. The intricate canoe artwork conveyed the theme of the S.S. Minnow, and Captain Chris Kiser donned a matching skipper hat for the events.

Steel Bridge

Dan Cannatella & Jacob Modrich (co-captains), Emily Slagle (builder), Rob Wilson (runner), Erica Lopez (setup & fabrication), Joshua Golden (fabrication), Vu Nguyen (fabrication) and others assisted with the fabrication of the bridge.

·       1st place, lightness

·       2nd place, stiffness

·       2nd place, display

·       2nd place, construction speed

·       1st place, economy

·       1st place, efficiency

·       1st place, overall

Additional Competitions

Mead Paper: Kenneth Liang

·       1st place:

Freshmore Challenge:  Matt Wallace, Maya Goldman, Brittany Tyson, John Bolen, and Brittany Burnnett

·       3rd place

Transportation: Justin Stutts, Kenneth Liang, Brittany Tyson, Taylor Callaway

·       3rd place

T-shirt Design: Matt Wallace

·       3rd place


View more photos in the Georgia Tech ASCE Facebook album.