FHWA Picks 5 CEE Students for Selective Eisenhower Fellowships

Five School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) graduate students will receive Eisenhower Graduate Fellowships from the Federal Highway Administration.

The CEE recipients are among just 150 students across the country selected this year for the competitive Eisenhower Transportation Fellowships. The program is designed to enable deserving students to pursue master's degrees or doctorates in transportation-related fields at the university of their choice.

FHWA selected Julius Doan and Carly Queen for full Eisenhower Fellowships. Alice Grossman, Prabha Pratyaksa and Janille Smith-Colin will receive partial fellowships.

Julius Doan is a second-year master’s student in Structural Engineering, completing CEE’s joint bachelor’s/master’s program. His current research focus is on infrastructure management, specifically in pavement management systems, an interest spurred by the lack of funding for infrastructure in many countries. Doan is also interested in studying how countries’ successful management systems can be applied in developing countries.
Alice Grossman completed bachelor’s degrees in physics and astronomy at Vassar College in 2010 and began her Ph.D. studies at Georgia Tech in 2012. She is interested in how infrastructure shapes urban communities, and her research with Professor Randall Guensler focuses on sidewalk database development and quality analysis. In her fellowship application, Grossman proposed studying how federal legislation shapes regional transportation project prioritization and evaluation.
Prabha (Popa) Pratyaksa is a third-year graduate student pursuing his Ph.D. He also received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. His current research is focused on transportation safety under the guidance of Associate Professor Michael Hunter. Pratyaksa is working with crash data to help him evaluate how effective certain safety treatments are in improving the safety performance of roadways. His other research interests include traffic operations, intelligent transportation systems, transportation data management, and transportation planning.

Carly Queen is enrolled in Georgia Tech's dual master's degree program in civil engineering and city and regional planning with a specialization in transportation. She received her bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech. She is involved in research with the CEE’s Urban Transportation Information Lab under the supervision of Assistant Professor Kari Watkins.
Janille Smith-Colin is a Ph.D. student and graduate research assistant in CEE’s Infrastructure Research Group under the supervision of Professor Adjo Amekudzi Kennedy. Her research focuses include performance measurement, asset management, and infrastructure sustainability. Her current research projects include evidence-based practices in transportation. She received her master's in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her bachelor's in engineering studies from Lafayette College.

(Teaser image of Dwight D. Eisenhower courtesy of the Library of Congress.)