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Professor Paul W. Mayne is an international researcher with a focus on in-situ testing, geotechnical site characterization, foundation systems, and the evaluation of soil & rock properties. Particular interests include the use, conduct, and interpretation of the cone penetrometer, seismic piezocone, and flat dilatometer, evaluation of shallow and deep foundation systems, and ground modification techniques. From 1977-1987, Paul served in geotechnical consulting practice in the Washington DC-Virginia-Maryland region. After receiving a doctorate from Cornell University, he joined the civil engineering faculty at Georgia Tech in 1990.

Paul is currently the chair (2001-2013) of the ISSMGE Technical Committee TC 102/16: Ground Property Characterization by In-Situ Tests ( and co-edited the two-volume proceedings entitled Geotechnical Site Characterization (1998) held in Atlanta. In 2000, he co-edited the ASCE GSP No. 97 entitled Innovations & Applications in Geotechnical Site Characterization for the Geo-Institute conference held in Denver. He is the senior author of the National Highway Institute manual on Subsurface Investigations: Geotechnical Site Characterization (2002) and a co-author on the FHWA Geotechnical Engineering Circular (2002) on Evaluation of Soil & Rock Properties and GSP 124 GeoSupport 2004 on foundations. In September 2004, the 2nd Intl. Conf. on Site Characterization (ISC) held in Portugal resulted in the two-volume proceedings: Geotechnical & Geophysical Site Characterization, for which he was a co-editor. Paul served as senior editor for GSP 138 on Site Characterization & Modeling at the 2005 ASCE GeoFrontiers Conference in Austin and then selected by the National Academies to prepare the NCHRP Synthesis 368 on the Cone Penetration Test (2007)which is available  He is co-editor of Geotechnical & Geophysical Site Characterization 2008 (Taipei, 2008) and served as host chair and co-editor for two volumes entitled:  Deformational Characteristics of Geomaterials (2008).  Together with Dr. Peter K. Robertson, Paul co-edited the 3-volume proceedings for the Intl. Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing (CPT’10) that was held in Huntington Beach/CA in May 2010 (  He is assisting now in the organization of the 4th International Conference on Site Characterization (ISC-4) scheduled for Pernambuco, Brazil (Sept. 2012):

Dr. Mayne has delivered international lectures, including the 2006 James K. Mitchell Lecture*, 2009 Michael W. O”Neill Lecture, 2009 State-of-the-Art (SOA-1) on Geomaterial Testing & Behaviorat the 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering held in Alexandria, Egypt, and the 2010 Opening Keynote on Cone Penetration Testingat CPT'10.  He is currently preparing an invited SOA on in-situ testing for the ASCE GeoCongress: State-of-the-Art and Practice (2012), as well as keynote presentations for GeoEducation 2012 in Galway and the Nordic Geotechnical Conference in Copenhagen (2012). Other international talks have included: Cairo 2000; Bali 2001; Istanbul 2001; Italy 2002; China 2002; Hong Kong 2002; Singapore 2002; Lyon 2003, Sydney 2004, Perth 2004; Osaka 2005; Tongji  2006; Singapore 2006, Cross Canada Lectures 2007 (14 presentations visiting 12 Canadian cities), Poland 2008, and Holland 2011.

Paul Mayne is an active member of ASCE, ASTM, TRB, USUCGER, DFI, ADSC, CGS, and ISSMGE and has served as a recent consultant on projects located in Anchorage, San Juan, Mobile, New Orleans, Washington DC, Brisbane, Sacramento, Portsmouth, Charleston, Brussels, and Ottawa. He holds a professional engineering license (PE) and has given many continuing education courses and technical seminars both nationally and internationally, including recent visits to Vancouver, New York, Baltimore, Barcelona, Den Haag, Guatemala, Edmonton, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Minneapolis.  He is married, has one daughter, and plays bass guitar. 

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Geosystems Engineering
Academic Faculty
Ph.D., Geotechnical Engineering, Cornell University, 1991.
M.S., Geotechnical Engineering, Cornell University, 1977.
B.S., Civil & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 1976.
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U.S. Patent 7650962 (issued 26 January 2010): GTRC ID No. 2984 entitled "Rotary Actuated Seismic Source and Methods for Continuous Direct-Push Downhole Seismic Testing" was filed September 17, 2004, in the USPTO by M. Quinn, A.V. McGillivray, and P.W. Mayne. ​Note: Licenses awarded to (a) Finite Precision, GA (2011); (b) ConeTec, BC (2012); (c) Gregg Drilling, CA (2014).
Publications (Proceedings): 
Agaiby, S.S., Cargill, E.P., Ku, T. and Mayne, P.W. (2016). Continuous-interval seismic piezocone testing in piedmont Piedmont residuum. In Pursuit of Best Practices - Proceedings 5th Intl. Conf. on Geotechnical & Geophysical Site Characterization (ISC-5), Jupiters - Gold Coast Australia.
Ouyang, Z. and Mayne, P.W. (2016). New DMT method for evaluating soil unit weight in soft to firm clays. Proceedings 5th Intl. Conf. on Geotechnical & Geophysical Site Characterization (ISC-5), Jupiters - Gold Coast Australia.
Agaiby, S.S. and Mayne, P.W. (2016). Use of shear wave velocity to estimate stress history and undrained shear strength of clays. Proc. 5th Intl. Conf. on Geotechnical & Geophysical Site Characterization (ISC-5), Jupiters - Gold Coast Australia.
Styler, M.A., Weemees, I., and Mayne, P.W. (2016). Experience and observations from 35 years of seismic cone penetration testing (SCPTu). Proceedings GeoVancouver 2016 (Proc. 69th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Westin):
Agaiby, S., Mayne, P.W. and Woeller, D.J. (2016). Evaluation of undrained shear strength and stress history in intact clays using seismic piezocone tests. Proceedings GeoVancouver 2016 (Proc. 69th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Westin):
Ouyang, Z., Mayne, P.W., and Sharp, J. (2016). Review of clay chamber tests using mini-cone and piezocones. Proceedings GeoVancouver 2016 (Proc. 69th Canadian Geotechnical Conf): (*Dr. Mark Styler)
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Cox, C. and Mayne, P.W. (2015). Soil stiffness constitutive model parameters for geotechnical problems: a dilatometer testing approach. Proc., 3rd Intl.Conf. on Flat Dilatometer, (DMT'15, Rome), paper ID 12: pp. 393-400.
Mayne, P.W., *Peuchen, J. and Baltoukas, D. (2015). Piezocone evaluation of undrained strength in soft to firm offshore clays. Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnnics III, Vol. 2 (Proc. ISFOG, Oslo), Taylor & Francis Group, London: 1091-1096.
Niazi, F.S. and Mayne, P.W. (2015). Enhanced Unicone expressions for axial pile capacity evaluation from piezocone tests, Proc. Intl. Foundations Conference & Equipment Expo (IFCEE'15, San Antonio), (GSP 256), ASCE, Reston/VA: 202-216.
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Research Interests: 
In-situ testing
Site characterization
Geotechnical parameter identification
Foundation systems
Soil properties determination
Geostatic stress state
Ground improvement by dynamic compaction and plasma arc vitrification
Publications (Articles): 
Ouyang, Z. and Mayne, P.W. (2016). Effective friction angle of soft-firm clays from flat dilatometer. Geotechnical Engineering, Institition of Civil Engineers, London: Paper 1600073 (pub. online 29 Nov 2016).
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Publications (Books): 
Wainaina, N., Rix, G.J., Bachus, R.C., Mayne, P.W., et al. (2015, in progress), AASHTO Manual on Subsurface Investigation, P.W. Mayne responsible for Chapter 5 (In-Situ Testing) and Chapter 6 (Drilling & Sampling).
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Editor's Choice: Canadian Geotechnical Journal paper by F. Niazi and P.W. Mayne (November 2014):
Hal Hunt Lecture, 39th Deep Foundations Institute Conference, Atlanta Marriott Marquis (Oct 2014)
The James Hoover Distinguished Lecture, 38th Geotechnical Conference, Iowa State University, 10 April 20
The 12th Jennings Lecture in Capetown, Durbin, and Pretoria, South African Institution of Civil Engineers (SAICE), 4-6 February 2014.
The 16th George F. Sowers Lecture, ASCE Georgia Geotechnical Section, Atlanta, GA (07 May 2013)
Keynote Talk: Shaking the Foundations of GeoEngineering Education, Univ. Ireland, Galway: 04 July 2012
Keynote Speaker: 2012 Nordic Geotechnical Meeting, Copenhagen: 09 May 2012.
2012 Ardaman Lecture: University of Florida, Gainesville, 10 April 2012: "Advanced Geotechnical Site Testing"
2012 State-of-the-Art: “Requirement of multi‐channel in‐situ tests for routine geotechnical site characterization” ASCE GeoCongress (25-29 March 2012), Oakland, CA:
Listed in Marquis Who's Who ( 2011
Co-author to 2011 DFI*** Best Student Paper Award given to PhD candidate: Fawad Niazi (October 2011).
Advisor to Fawad Niazi - Top 10 research papers award - SAIC Student Paper Contest (November 2011)
2011 Award for Geosystems Team Leader (2000-2006) given by Geosystems Engineering Group/CEE (Dec. 2006)
2010 Opening Keynote - Overview of CPT Regional Reports - International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing (CPT'10), Hyatt Resort, Huntington Beach CA (09-13 May 2010):
2009 State-of-the-Art (SOA-1) Lecture: Geomaterial Behavior & Testing, 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE), Alexandria, Egypt - 05 - 10 October 2009:
2009 Michael W. O'Neill Lecture - University of Houston during the annual CIGMAT Conference (06 March 2009). Center for Innovative Grouting, Materials, and Testing:
Advisor to 2008 Best PhD Thesis (Dr. Alec McGillivray), School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, GT.
2007 Cross-Canada Lecture (Fall) - Canadian Geotechnical Society, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa; (Delivered 14 presentations visiting 12 cities in 2 weeks; December 2007):
2006 James K. Mitchell Lecture delivered during GeoShanghai International Conference (June 2006).
Synthesis on Cone Penetration Testing, Awarded by National Academies, Transportation Research Board (Jan.2006).
2006 Outstanding Professional Education Award, bestowed by President G.W. Clough, Georgia Institute of Technology, GT Awards Ceremony, Student Center Ballroom, April 2006. (Engraved Plaque with $2000 check).
Award of Appreciation for Proceedings Editor presented by Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors (ADSC) and ASCE Geo-Institute, Jan. 31, 2004.
Paper by Mayne, P.W. and Kulhawy, F.H., “K0-OCR Relationships in Soils” was selected as a classic reading reference and chosen for reprint in A History of Progress, ASCE Geotechnical Special Publication No. 118 (2003).
Innovation Award: Electric AutoSeis; awarded by Civil & Environmental Engineering, Georgia Tech, May 2, 2003.
Award of Appreciation for Editorial Board Service on ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal, Jan. 15, 2002.
Appreciation Award, USUCGER Board Service, November 2001.
Certificate of Appreciation for Ten Years of Dedicated Service, April 2000, Georgia Tech.
Certificate of Participation, Cairo University, Egypt, Jan. 27, 2000.
Nominee, Wellington Prize, American Society of Civil Engineers for JGGE paper, Oct. 1999.
President-Elect, U.S. Universities Council on Geotechnical Engineering Research (USUCGER)*, May 1999.
ASCE Certificate of Appreciation, GT Student Chapter, April 1999.
CEE Nominee of Best Journal Paper to Sigma Xi Society, March 1999.
Advisor, Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Award to James Schneider, 1997.
Educational Achievement Award, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, 1997.
Advisor, Barksdale Award to James Schneider, Civil & Env. Engineering, Georgia Tech, May 1997.
Award of Appreciation, Nanyang Technological University, June 1996.
Advisor, J-L. Chameau Student Excellence Award to Susan E. Burns, Georgia Inst. of Technology, 1996.
CEE Nominee to Sigma Xi Best Paper Award, 1996.
Awarded Tenure, Georgia Institute of Technology, May 1996.
Chair, Host Committee for International Site Characterization (ISSMGE), 1996-1998.
Exemplary Contributions Award, Transportation Research Board, January 1995.
Educational Achievement Award, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, Aug. 1995.
Advisor, G.F. Sowers Graduate Award to Susan E. Burns, June 1995.
Advisor, Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award to Susan E. Burns, Civil & Env. Engrg., June 1994.
Especially Effective Teacher, Graduating Seniors, GT Civil & Environmental Engineering, January 1994.
Faculty Advisor Award, SAIC** Best Student Paper, June 1993.
National Young Investigator (NYI), Engineering Directorate, National Science Foundation, 1992-1997.
University Nominee for NSF Presidential Faculty Fellows by Georgia Institute of Technology, November 1991.
Interdisciplinary Research Area(s): 
Resilient Infrastructure Systems