Faculty Research Pages

Civil and environmental engineering are broad, diverse disciplines that work on many facets of improving the human condition — from clean drinking water and designing and implementing efficient and safe transportation systems, to constructing buildings and bridges to withstand earthquakes and building dams for hydropower and flood control.

Our faculty members are working on problems that go far beyond these traditional areas, to provide the world's growing population with the innovative technologies and solutions we'll need to survive in our changing global society. Our professors collaborate across disciplines, schools, and colleges, utilizing razor's-edge technology in world-class facilities to advance the field and our world. Visit our faculty members' research pages to learn more about how they're changing the world every day.

Center for Reliable Engineering Computing (Rafi L. Muhanna)

Environmental Fate of Emerging Contaminants (Ching-Hua Huang)

Environmental Microbial Genomics Laboratory (Kostas T. Konstantinidis)

Extreme Loads Research Group (Lauren K. Stewart)

Geoenvironmental Engineering Laboratory (Susan E. Burns)

Geometric Solid Mechanics Group (Arash Yavari)

Kevin A. Haas' Research Page

Hurricane Katrina Research 2005-2006 (David Frost)

Infrastructure Research Group (Adjo A. Amekudzi-Kennedy)

Innovative Seismic Retrofits for Reinforced Concrete Buildings (Reginald DesRoches)

In-Situ Testing Group (Paul W. Mayne)

Laboratory for Smart Structural Systems (Yang Wang)

Material Physics & Mechanics Group (Phanish Suryanarayana)

Patricia L. Mokhtarian's Research Page

Multimedia Environmental Simulations Laboratory (Mustafa M. Aral)

Nanotechnology Sustainability (Yongsheng Chen)

Natural Hazards Mitigation Research Group (Reginald DesRoches)

Talat Odman's Research Page

Glaucio Paulino's Research Page

Robotics & Intelligent Construction Automation Lab (Yong K. Cho)

Rock Mechanics Laboratory (Leonid Germanovich)

Southeastern Modeling, Analysis and Planning Project (Talat Odman)

Sustainable Environmental Technologies (Spyros G. Pavlostathis)

Traffic Laboratory (Jorge A. Laval)

Travel Demand Modeling (Laurie A. Garrow)

Tsunami Research - 2004 Indian Ocean (Hermann M. Fritz)

Urban Transportation Information Lab (Kari E. Watkins)

Jingfeng Wang's Research Page

Donald R. Webster's Research Page

Abdul-Hamid Zureick's Research Page