Seminar - The Journey from Laboratory to Field

Ford Environmental Science & Technology Building, Room L1205
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 15:00


Dr. ShihChi Weng, PhD
Scientist III, Department of Water Resources
Gwinnett County Government

Applied research has been a critical component for municipal utilities to advance treatment technology and to optimize treatment performance. Often time, the discrepancy in performances was found among bench-scale experiment, pilot-scale testing, and full-scale trial. In the past years, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resource (GCDWR) committed to develop in-house research capability with the focus on applied research and field study. In 2016-2017, GCDWR led a water reuse project (WRF 15-11) looking into the feasibility of direct potable reuse and comparing with current practice of surface water augmentation (indirect potable reuse) with ozone-biofiltration. Dr. Weng joined GCDWR in 2017 as part of the recruitment of research team and started to design/conduct pilot-scale testing and full-scale trials for process optimization. For this presentation, Dr. Weng will share his journey from being a graduate student working in the research laboratory, as postdoctoral research fellow in industrial alliance in research institute (JHU/MWH alliance), to being a scientist at full-scale utility and how academic experiences transitioning to water Industry. He will also share key findings of past research projects of UV application, current GCDWR research focus, and the future opportunities at GCDWR.


Dr. ShihChi Weng joined Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources as a Scientist in 2017 focusing on research projects and process optimization. He is a former postdoctoral research fellow at JHU/MWH (now Stantec) alliance in Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University with Prof. Kellogg Schwab and Dr. Joe Jacangelo, who is vice president and research director of Stantec, working on water reuse projects and disinfection research against norovirus. He earned his Ph.D. from Lyles School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and his dissertation is about UV- based applications and disinfection byproducts. He has 10 years experiences in academic research and currently transitions into applied research at municipal water treatment sector. His research interests include disinfection, advanced oxidation processes, and water reuse.