Seminar - Paper, planes and more: Exploring the potential of origami, from aerospace to architecture

Mason Building, Room 2117
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 10:45


Dr. Yves Klett
Institute of Aircraft Design
University of Stuttgart

In just a few years, Origami has undergone a rapid inflation from an art form and hobby pastime to a veritable scientific field, design paradigm and promising technology platform.

This talk will showcase a number of origami-related projects and developments at the Institute of Aircraft Design in Stuttgart. We (re-)discovered folding as a promising technology for the manufacturing of advanced multifunctional sandwich structures, but soon learned (quite to our delight) of the versatility and breadth of possible application of folding.

Since about 2002, we have managed to keep up a continuous stream of research projects with a focus on folding, together with partners from academia and a host of different industries, including aerospace, filtration, architecture and many more. A few of these will be highlighted, and I'll share some anecdotes and lessons learned, as well as some exciting future directions.


Yves Klett studied aerospace engineering in Stuttgart, Germany, where he fell for the charms of origami in the form of folded high-performance structures. Since getting a PhD in advanced paper folding, he is leading the sandwich technology group at the Institute of Aircraft Design in Stuttgart, which specializes in the design and industrial manufacture of origami-based foldcores for technical applications.