Global Engineering Leadership Minor

“The courses I took associated with the minor were some of the most valuable I had during my undergraduate career.”

– Elizabeth Gwinn, who earned her bachelor's
in environmental engineering in May 2015

Engineering undergraduates can pursue a Leadership Studies Minor with a focus on Global Engineering Leadership. The minor develops graduates with problem-solving, leadership and interpersonal skills as well as cross-cultural competence, preparing you to lead in engineering and technology fields and in the private-sector, government and humanitarian organizations. The minor will expose you to the engineering Grand Challenges of the 21st century and equip you with knowledge and practical skills to lead in the development of innovative solutions.

The minor adds breadth to your technical proficiency, preparing you to be a global citizen and world-class engineer — what we like to call the "Global Engineer-Leader." Those are engineers who can contribute and lead effectively in domestic and global contexts in solving global grand challenges and other societal problems, working effectively across cultures.

The minor will help you develop:

  • Leadership Skills – knowledge and application of leadership theory
  • Engineering Problem-Solving Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills – collaboration, communication, ethical decision-making, project management
  • Conceptual Skills – systems-level knowledge, thinking, analysis and integration involving the global grand challenges
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness/Skills – ability to work effectively across cultures





  1. PUBP 4140: Foundations of Leadership (3 hrs)
  2. CEE 4000*: Global Engineering Leadership and Management (3 hrs)
  3. At least 9 hours from these approved courses:
  4. INTN 3011: Global Engineering Leadership Experience
  5. Attend the Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Speaker Series.

You must have completed 30 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater to enroll in the minor. For required or recommended courses to count toward your minor, you must earn a "C" or better. Your GPA specifically for courses you wish to count for the minor must be 2.75 or greater.
* Please note, CEE 4803 course numbers are subject to change.

Grand Challenges Scholar Program: By completing the Global Engineering Leadership Minor, you will automatically fulfill the requirements for the College of Engineering's Grand Challenges Scholar Program. Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate that shows you have obtained the Grand Challenges Scholar designation.

Funding for Travel

Global Engineering Leadership Minor students may apply for Mundy funding to cover travel in one of the grand challenge courses, and travel in a global practicum experience.


Suggested Course Schedule

Wondering how to fit the minor courses into your program of study? Use the schedule below to help you plan your schedule.


Foundations of Leadership

Global Engineering Leadership and Management

Environmental Technology in the Developing World


Construction Management and Megaprojects
(Technical Elective)

Sustainable Transportation Abroad
(Early Summer)


International Disaster Reconnaissance Studies
(Late Summer)

(Technical Elective)


Sustainable Cities

Environmental Technology in the Developing World


Construction Management and Megaprojects
(Technical Elective)

Global Engineering Experience

  • Work Abroad
  • Research Abroad
  • Study Abroad