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May 2016

Cover of Science special issue on urban issues.
Ph.D. student Yannis Dialynas
Professor Aris Georgakakos with Philip Sarris, BSCE 1952.
A screenshot of the Poets&Quants website naming master's student Trevor Clark on the nation's best MBA students.
Alumnus and former faculty member James R. Wallace (1938-2016)
The Haitian Roundtable's 2016 1804 List of Changemakers and Ones to Watch.
Associate Professor Yong Cho and Dimitri Seneca Snowden with the robot Snowden has donated to Cho's research lab.
Coral reef off Kiritimati Island. (Photo: Pamela Grothe)

April 2016

Research Horizons illustration for Rolling Robots story
Helen Grenga Award winner April Gadsby with Associate Chair Susan Burns.
The winning CEE team at the spring 2016 Capston Design Expo pictured with Assistant Professor Kari Watkins, left: Lilian Ayala, Sage Roberts, John Bolen and Ryan Liu.
The four projects School of Civil and Environmental Engineering teams will present at the 2016 Capstone Design Expo.
Daniella Remolina, who graduated in December and started work this month with the Boston Consulting Group.
ASCE Georgia Tech Chapter at 2016 Carolinas Regional Conference
Ph.D. student Natalia Cardelino
Howard Tellepsen speaks at the College of Engineering Alumni Awards April 16. Tellepsen, BSCE 1966, was inducted into the College's Hall of Fame.
Charles "Wick" Moorman (Photo: Gary Meek)
Georgene Geary and Laura Mast, winners of NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Genevieve Pezzola
Assistant Professor Lauren Stewart in her lab.
A Booming Career
April 11, 2016
Lake Mendota near Madison, Wisconsin. Georgia Tech researchers used long-term data on the lake’s microbial communities to develop what may be the largest-ever dynamic model of how those communities interact. The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Kostas Konstantinidis says that could help restore sick lakes and may one day help scientists better understand the human body’s microbiome. (Photo: Good Free Photos)
Aaron Bivins
Chloe Arson
Students collecting water samples along Bolivia's Choqueyapu River.

March 2016

Lauren Stewart in her lab. (Photo: Gary Meek)
Senior April Gadsby
Brittany Bruder, Ph.D. 2015
Graduate students Jack Cebe and Atiyya Shaw, who will attend the Eno Center's Future Leaders Development Conference this year.
Team True Pani: Samantha Becker, civil engineering; Naomi Ergun, business administration; Shannon Evanchec, environmental engineering; and Sarah Lynn Bowen, business administration. (Photo: Fitrah Hamid)
U.S. News and World Report Graduate Program Rankings: Civil #4, Environmental #5
Samantha Becker, left, and Shannon Evanchec film a segment about their water purification system ahead of the live-televised finals of the InVenture Prize. Their team, TruePani, will compete with five other finalists for $20,000, a free patent filing, and a place in a Georgia Tech startup incubator at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. (Photo: TruePani)
Growth of Mycobacterium isolated on a plate of culture medium. (Photo: Stacey Pfaller, EPA)
CEE Graduate Programs Manager Robert Simon
Master's student Annie Blissit, one of the American Council of Engineering Companies' 2016 Young Professionals of the Year.
Charles "Wick" Moorman after delivering the Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Lecture. (Photo: Zonglin "Jack" Li)
A concept of what the Charleston Lowcountry Lowline could look like once it's built. (Image: Friends of the Lowcountry Lowline)
Third-year environmental engineering major Hannah Greenwald
Elizabeth and Bill Higginbotham Professor David Frost
Aaron Bivins explains his Ph.D. research as part of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's new video series, "30 Second Thesis."

February 2016

Students examine construction plans in a tunnel. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Meg Pirkle, MSCE 1997
Glaucio Paulino and Evgueni Filipov with models of their zippered tube origami configuration. (Photo: Rob Felt)
Hongyu Guo, Rodney Weber and Ted Russell on their research platform atop the Ford Environmental Science & Technology Building.
A sea butterfly (Limacina helicina). Photo: EOL Learning and Education Group via Flickr.
Seung Ho Hong in the Donovan Hydraulics Laboratory with the flume used in his study.
Professor Donald Webster working with students on a problem.
Diagram of the TruePani drinking cup invented by a team that includes CEE undergrads Samantha Becker and Shannon Evanchec.
Professor David Frost
Screen shot of tunnel corrosion story featuring Professor Emeritus Larry Kahn.
Charles "Wick" Moorman
Engineering Georgia magazine spread featuring alumnus Tom Gambino
Kathrine Udell in a transportation research lab

January 2016

Andrew Melissas
Elizabeth and Bill Higginbotham
Chloe Arson and Phanish Suryanarayana, winners of CAREER awards from the NSF.
I am CEEatGT video series, featuring five undergraduates and their experiences as civil and environmental engineering students.
Karen and John Huff School Chair Reginald DesRoches (Photo: Gary Meek)

December 2015

The sidewalk along North Avenue in Atlanta. Photo: Jennifer Tyner
Professor Aris Georgakakos explains his models of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river system to CBS46's Sally Sears.
Glaucio Paulino, Raymond Allen Jones Chair and Professor
Screen shot of CityLab story about parking in Los Angeles.
Cover of MRS Bulletin December 2015 special issue
Screen shot of the San Francisco Chronicle article that includes Professor Emeritus Lawrence Kahn.

November 2015

Stacie Sire on the flight deck of the 787 Dreamliner during a test flight in 2011.
CEE Award Plaque
Emily Ferrando in the Somoto Canyon in Nicaragua.
Cleaner-burning biomass fuel briquettes produced by Sanivation to replace firewood or charcoal for cooking.
AJC screen shot: Old landfill forced Atlanta United to flee DeKalb
Associate Professor Baabak Ashuri
New CEE External Advisory Board Members Montanye, Houlihan and Selman.
Assistant Professor Sheng Dai in his lab.

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