Construction and Infrastructure Systems Engineering



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The technological and managerial evolution of construction and infrastructure systems engineering in the last few decades demands a new generation of modern engineers.

Our students become those engineers — professionals who know how to build civil infrastructure projects that meet safety, quality, environmental and other requirements while effectively controlling the project’s cost and duration. They become capable infrastructure managers and utility engineers through a technical and integrated systems approach to the analysis and management of complex infrastructure systems.

We teach our graduate students established methods and encourage them to research and develop new ones. Students participate in state-of-the-art basic and applied projects in construction information technology, construction data modeling and visualization, infrastructure sensors and sensor systems, infrastructure systems modeling and risk analysis, knowledge management for decision-support systems, and other advanced technology-based areas.

The interdisciplinary nature of construction and infrastructure systems engineering encourages students to supplement their graduate program with courses from other areas at Georgia Tech, including computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, building construction, and industrial and systems engineering.


Baabak Ashuri
Associate Professor
Daniel Castro
Adjunct Associate Professor
Yong Kwon Cho
Associate Professor & Group Coordinator
T. Russell Gentry
Adjunct Associate Professor
Laurence J. Jacobs
Associate Dean and Professor & Interim Dean of the College of...
Lawrence F. Kahn
Professor Emeritus
Kimberly E. Kurtis, FACI, FACerS
Professor and Associate Dean
Carol Maddox
Administrative Professional Senior
John E. Taylor
Frederick Law Olmsted Professor
Iris Tien
Assistant Professor