Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track


In the Innovation and Entrepreneurship track, students will develop knowledge of the business of civil and environmental engineering, cultivate innovation and entrepreneurial mindset, foster value creation culture, and grow entrepreneurial confidence. For more information about specific course recommendations, contact the Student Services Office.

As a reminder, tracks are optional and not required. Choosing a track allows you to concentrate your elective courses within one area of civil engineering, in order to further specialize within your chosen field of study.

Track Course Descriptions

1. Gateway Course

  • CEE4005: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for CEE Systems

2. Leadership Course (choose one)

  • CEE4000: Global Engineering Leadership
  • PUBP4140: Foundations of Leadership

3. Product Design and Prototyping Course

  • CEE4560: Origami Engineering
  • CEE4803: Nature Inspired Engineering

4. Practicum (choose one)