Scholarships & Fellowships

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers more than 80 scholarships and fellowships dedicated to helping civil and environmental engineering students of all levels.

Students should apply for all scholarships and fellowships through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Undergraduate Student Aid

Georgia Tech and the School of Civil and Environmental engineering award scholarships on an annual basis. Academic excellence, financial need, and major of study are the primary criteria used for selecting recipients. Learn more and apply for scholarships through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Graduate Student Aid

Graduate students can apply for scholarships, fellowships or assistantships.

Many of Tech’s graduate students are employed as graduate research or teaching assistants (GRAs and GTAs), including four out of five doctoral students. Generally speaking, there is no application process for obtaining a GRA or GTA.

These assistantships provide a tuition waiver and a modest stipend, and are awarded through students’ major departments. The award process is usually in conjunction with the department’s initial offer of admission to their graduate program.

Study Abroad

Civil and environmental students have access to several funding sources dedicated to supporting their travels. The international travel funds support students who are interested in studying, traveling or working abroad. Click to learn more about the different travel funds available.