Ph.D. Students

Soon-to-be-hooded Ph.D. candidate Margaret-Avis Akofio-Sowah with her adviser Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy.

The Ph.D. is the highest degree awarded, and as such requires the highest level of proficiency and achievement, both in knowledge and in the performance of research presented in a written dissertation. While there are no specific course requirements, most doctoral students spend approximately four to five years working toward a Ph.D., which includes research and approximately 50 to 60 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree.

A minor field of study, consisting of a minimum of nine hours of course credit, approved by the student's thesis advisory committee, must be completed on a letter-grade basis while enrolled in the doctoral program at Georgia Tech.

Doctoral Students: You can log into DegreeWorks and view your Notes (at the bottom of your DegreeWorks page) to determine what forms are still needed. If the abbreviation is listed, the form is still required. Please see below for the abbreviations of the forms.

For example, a new student’s note would read: “CEE PhD Audit: Program, Comp Results, Proposal, Minor, Candidacy, Defense Cmte, Announcement, Defense Results, Thesis.”

Program Ph.D. Program of Study
Comp Results Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam Results
Proposal Notification of Ph.D. Thesis Proposal Results
Minor Doctoral Minor Form
Candidacy Request for Admission to Ph.D. Candidacy
Defense Cmte Appointment of Final Doctoral (Oral Defense) Committee
Announcement Ph.D. Thesis Defense Announcement
Defense Results Notification of Ph.D. Thesis Defense Results
Thesis Certificate of Thesis Approval

NOTE: Additional forms concerning the publication of your thesis are required. Please check with the Georgia Tech Graduate Studies Office.
(Links not working? All forms are also available from the CEE Student Services Office, Mason Building, Suite 1220.)