Enhancing Your Degree

There are many ways you can add practical experience, research, and cultural diversity to the degree you are pursuing at Georgia Tech.

BS/MS Degree Program

Students will be eligible to apply for the BS/MS Degree Program after completing 30 semester credit hours at Georgia Tech and demonstrating appropriate progress in their degree program.  This typically occurs at the end of freshman year.  Interested students should apply for the program at least three semesters prior to graduation in order to take graduate-level courses prior to receiving their BS degree. Students must have a Georgia Tech GPA of 3.5 or higher for admission into the program.  Requirements for Joint BS/MS degree programs vary based on the degree type. Complete details are available at:

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Cooperative Education Program (Co-op)

Georgia Tech's Cooperative Education Program is a five-year academic program in which students alternate semesters as a full-time student and semesters of full-time work. Georgia Tech's Co-op program is currently the largest optional cooperative education program in the United States, with about 3,000 students participating. As an integral part of students' overall education, Co-op allows students to take on increasing levels of responsibilities and to use their job knowledge and classroom learning to make meaningful contributions to an organization. These students alternate work and study on a semester basis with over 700 employers throughout the United States, as well as with several overseas employers.

International Plan

The International Plan is Georgia Tech's globally-focused degree designation, recognizing students who have committed to making global competence a core part of their GT experience. Through the International Plan, undergraduate students have the opportunity to gain significant international experience, language proficiency, and intercultural aptitude as part of their degree requirements, making them ideal candidates for competitive positions in today's global economy. The International Plan can be completed within the normal time frame of four years of undergraduate study. The program is operated by Georgia Tech’s Office of International Education.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track

In the Innovation and Entrepreneurship track, students will develop knowledge of the business of civil and environmental engineering, cultivate innovation and entrepreneurial mindset, foster value creation culture, and grow entrepreneurial confidence. The track imparts upon students the ability to "Learn-Make-Launch." Students will participate in courses such as Innovation and Entrepreneurship for CEE Systems, Global Engineering Leadership, and Origami Engineering. 

Research Option

The Research Option is intended for students who seek a concentrated research experience, culminating in an undergraduate thesis, integrated into their undergraduate studies. The purpose of this program is to prepare students who plan to go on to graduate research after their BS degree. This option includes three or four semesters of focused research in the student’s junior and senior years. For an undergraduate to fulfill the Research Option, the student must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Complete 9 credit hours of Undergraduate Research CEE 4698 or CEE 4699
  2. Complete LCC 4700 “Writing an Undergraduate Thesis” and
  3. Write and submit an undergraduate research thesis that is approved by two faculty members. Completing this program gives students a "Research Option" designation on their transcripts.

Study Abroad Programs

Students may pursue semester-long or year-long international programs as well as international summer programs through the Study Abroad Program. If students choose a program that offers civil or environmental engineering courses, CEE will work with the students to determine how the credits will apply to their degree. CEE can help pay for our students' study-abroad experiences through the Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment.

The following options carry with them a special designation that will be added to your formal degree:

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