Collaborative Innovation Program


The Collaborative Innovation Program is a pioneering initiative to teach engineering students essential skills for career success.

The program was established in 2019 to augment students’ technical education with the development of their performance and leadership skills.  The Collaborative Innovation Program is led by Dr. Robert Simon, a leadership scholar who works closely with faculty to teach collaborative strategies and techniques within engineering contexts and courses. 

Modeled after CEE’s groundbreaking Engineering Communication Program, the program develops students’ skill sets in a number of ways, most notably in the following areas:

A professor helping a team of students
  • Building and fostering a culture of psychological safety;
  • Developing trust;
  • Team structuring;
  • Conflict resolution and management;
  • Team creativity and ideation;
  • Organizational leadership;
  • Giving and receiving feedback;
  • Reflection and assessing team health.

Team Health Clinic

A hallmark of the Collaborative Innovation Program is the Team Health Clinic, developed to help students work efficiently in teams. All students are welcome to schedule consultation appointments (individually or as a team) to discuss their projects, gain assistance with early project setup, navigate conflict, and discuss any other aspects of team leadership.

For More Information Contact:

Robert B. Simon, Ph.D.
Director of Collaborative Innovation