Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment

The Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment provides financial support for CEE students seeking to participate in individual or group international travel for the purpose of cross-cultural development. Students may be awarded up to $4,000 to help support travel for research, long- or short-term study abroad programs, internships, service-learning experiences, or independent international travel.  The endowment gives students the opportunity to live, work, or study in a different culture and by doing so gain a global perspective on engineering, the arts, and geo-politics. International travel fosters independence and understanding and allows students to engage in cross-cultural communication. All of these benefits add value to your Georgia Tech degree and help create the next generation of global engineer-leaders. Mundy scholars have traveled the world. We invite you to be next!


The Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment will give priority to undergraduate students to support travel experience expenses. Eligible graduate students will be considered for supplemental travel support and given priority when accompanying undergraduate students funded through the Mundy Endowment.

To be eligible, an applicant:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen in good academic standing and majoring in civil or environmental engineering or be part of an ongoing research project within CEE.
  • Must not have previously been awarded Mundy Endowment funding.
  • Must complete an application form with an itemized budget of expected travel costs (e.g., airfare, visas, lodging, etc.) and submit a short essay detailing travel plans, educational and learning goals, and expected outcomes of travel.
    Please Note: Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be awarded Mundy travel funds. Each application is reviewed by a committee and accepted or rejected on its merit.
  • Meet all pre-travel, in-country, and post-travel requirements.

Applications are reviewed three times per academic year.

  • Application deadline for Fall travel: June 1
  • Application deadline for Spring travel: October 1
  • Application deadline for Summer travel: March 1

Applications and essays must be submitted via email to

Decisions and announcements will be made approximately four weeks after the deadline.

Any further inquiries can be directed to Dr. Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy, Associate Chair for Global Engineering Leadership and Research Development, at

Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment Application
File last updated Jul 25, 2022.

Travel Requirements

Pre-Travel: Complete all Office of International Education pre-travel requirements.

Upon Arrival: Send email confirming safe arrival to

Post-Travel:Your Mundy Travel Report will be a Word document, electronically submitted, with several high-quality, captioned photographs embedded in the document. Email as 1 self-contained pdf.  Submit file to within two weeks of returning from your travels.

Required Report Sections

1. Cover page

  • Title of report, name, date.

2. Introduction

  • Describe where you went and explain why you chose to go there.
  • Include travel dates or length of instructional and/or travel program.

3. Reflection

This is the bulk of the report. In this section you are to think about various aspects of your time abroad, what you learned, and how you changed. Please address all the categories below.  We understand that you will write more about some categories than others.  You may choose to include additional categories, but you must address all the categories below.

  • Personal growth
  • Intellectual/educational growth
  • Engineering perspective
  • Cross-cultural education
  • Arts education: did you visit museums, see plays or dance performances, hear music?
  • Leadership (even if you’re not in the leadership minor) of self or others
  • Social/political awareness: Did any significant events happen while you were there?
  • Did you meet new people? What did you learn from them?

4. Conclusion

Discuss the overall success (or not!) of your trip.  Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish? Would you like to go back? If so, what would like to do? Do you have any advice for others traveling to the same place?

Submit file and links to