Webster offers advice on ‘flipping’ classes

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

One of the pre-recorded lectures Donald Webster has prepared for a "flipped" class. Students watch the lecture before class then spend class time working on problems with Webster's guidance. (Photo by Jess Hunt.)

Professor Donald Webster has become known around Georgia Tech for his success “flipping” some of the courses he teaches.

In the increasingly popular model, Webster records lectures ahead of time for students to watch beforehand. Then he spends classtime working with students on applying the lecture material to solving problems.

But that recorded lecture can’t just be the same one he would deliver in person, he said.

“I realized that if I wasn’t going to record something that was better than a normal lecture, then what was the point?” said Webster, who is the School’s associate chair of administration and finance.

Webster joined two other flipped class pioneers on a recent panel to offer that advice and more to faculty members who want to try the new approach to teaching.

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