Global Engineering Leadership Minor Course Requirements


You must have completed 30 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater to enroll in the minor.

  1. PUBP 4140: Foundations of Leadership
  2. CEE 4000*: Global Engineering Leadership
  3. Select at least 3 of the following from the Engineering Track:
    • CEE 3052: Introduction to Structural Engineering for GELM
    • CEE 4005: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in CEE Systems
    • CEE 4150: Construction Management & Megaprojects
    • CEE 4160: Smart and Sustainable Cities
    • CEE 4180: Infrastructure Finance
    • CEE 4211: Water Resources Systems
    • CEE 4225: Coastal Engineering
    • CEE 4350: Environmental Technology in the Developing World
    • CEE 4552: Historic Structures
    • CEE 4560: Origami Engineering
    • CEE 4460: International Disaster Reconnaissance
    • CEE 4660: Sustainable Transportation Abroad
  4. INTN 3011: International Internship Spring Term (Global Engineering Leadership Experience)
    • Students who choose to conduct research abroad for their global leadership experience will take the following courses:
      • CEE 4801 GEP I: Global Engineering Practicum I
      • CEE 4801 GEP II: Global Engineering Practicum II
  5. Attend the Hyatt Distinguished Alumni Leadership Speaker Series.


  • For required or recommended courses to count toward your minor, you must earn a "C" or better.
  • Your GPA for those courses you wish to count for the minor must be 2.75 or greater.