Amekudzi-Kennedy delivers keynote speech at social sustainability conference

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy delivered the keynote talk at the 2015 Conference of the Integrated Network of Social Sustainability in Charlotte earlier this month.

Amekudzi-Kennedy spoke on creating enduring and human-centered wealth using portfolio capital asset management to plan for and evaluate civil infrastructure decisions. Her talk explored the evolution of community portfolios of capital over time, demonstrating how stock and dynamic capital footprints can be used to assess and track the sustainable development progress of communities.

The gathering was first virtual conference of its kind, hosted at multiple locations: Bend, Oregon; Charlotte, North Carolina; Lansing, Michigan; and Phoenix as well as a site in London.

The Integrated Network of Social Sustainability is a group of universities, professional organizations, student groups and public agencies that works to highlight the social elements of sustainability, particularly in engineering and related fields. Georgia Tech is one of the member schools.