CEE’s Mourin Jarin takes VentureLab’s grand prize

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Wensi Chen
Mourin Jarin

By Amy Kim

PhD candidate Mourin "Mo" Jarin won the grand prize in Venture Lab's 2022 Innovation Competition.

The Innovation Competition, held on Jan. 26, was hosted by the Venture Lab and the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference. Ten Georgia Tech grad students were nominated to present their research to a panel of judges in a quick three-minute presentation. Jarin was awarded first place for her research on water disinfection devices, winning a $1,000 cash prize

Jarin’s research focuses on electric field treatment and is applied through VoltaPure, a device that distributes a voltage to neutralize pathogens and produce clean drinking water in rural communities and disaster regions. This is not the first time that Volta Pure has taken top honors -- Jarin and her Volta Pure teammates also took home the Zeitlin Prize in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's 2021 Entrepreneurial Impact Competition

Jarin says her next steps are to embark on her thesis research and further develop VoltaPure for market application. 

“I am honored and extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to present to a panel of experienced judges and, especially, female entrepreneurs,” Jarin said. “Participation in Georgia Tech-led entrepreneurial programs like these provide our team with unmeasurable experience, support and motivation to continue our market research and customer discovery.”