As you may already know, and as described in the email I received from GTRC (copy below), our "CASE Center has been chosen as one of the honorees at the Georgia Tech Research Corporation 75th Anniversary Celebration in recognition of its continuous contribution and leadership in software engineering." At the GTRC celebration to be held at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center Ballroom on December 12, 2011, "GTRC will be honoring faculty from all colleges at Georgia Tech, highlighting outstanding research and entrepreneurial efforts."
GTRC asked me to send them a "brief overview of the CASE Center’s work."
We would like the CASE Center and our faculty (academic and research faculty) and administrative staff highlighted early in January in CEE's communications to our Advisory Board and Alumni, as well as highlighted on CEE's web site. Dr. Will and I would very much like to meet with you to give you additional information about our CASE Center and GTSTRUDL activities that we believe would be of interest to our Advisory Board and alumni. Please let me know when would be a good time to meet with you.