Faculty Profile


  • Ph.D., Geophysical Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1986
  • M.S., Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1978
  • B.S., Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1976

Dr. Rodgers is the director of the Georgia Tech Air Quality Laboratory, holding academic and/or research appointments in the Georgia Tech Schools of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Public Policy. Dr. Rodgers has a long and distinguished record in air quality research, serving as principal investigator on research projects totaling more than $20 million since 1988 including numerous projects on field and laboratory measurements of pollutants and instrument development and intercomparison. Current activities include managing projects GRASP (Georgia Rural Aerosol Sampling Program) and ON-RAMP (On-Road Ammonia Measurement Program) both of which focus on particulate emissions, conversion and fate. In the area of mobile source emissions, he directs Georgia Tech's efforts in vehicle remote sensing and model validation and is Co-Principal Investigator on the development of the MEASURE model. Dr. Rodgers serves on EPA�s Mobile Source Technical Advisory Subcommittee and Emissions Modeling Workgroup, the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to the International Standards Organization, ASTM International�s Committee D-22 on the Analysis of Atmospheres as well a numerous other technical and policy advisory committees.


  • Modeling and simulation of vehicle activity and emissions
  • Statistical analysis of vehicle emissions data
  • Environmental policy analysis
  • Laboratory and field measurements of gaseous and particulate pollutants including vehicle remote sensing and instrumented vehicles


  • Organizational Citation, Atlanta Clean Air Coalition (to Air Quality Laboratory) (1997).
  • Appointed Institute Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology (1994).
  • Appointed by Georgia Lieutenant Governor to State Senate Clean Air Solutions Study Commission (1993).
  • Professional of the Year, American Lung Association of Georgia (1992).
  • Winner of the 1986 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award for Georgia Institute of Technology awarded by the Georgia Tech chapter of the Society of the Sigma Xi.
  • Appointed Institute Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Organizational Citation, Atlanta Clean Air Coalition (to Air Quality Laboratory)
  • Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award for Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Professional of the Year
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