5 years, 2 degrees: Students earn BS from China’s Tongji University, MS from CEE through new hybrid program

(Photo Courtesy of Paul Kretek via Flickr.)

One of China’s top engineering colleges will send some of its environmental engineering students to finish their studies at Georgia Tech as part of a new collaboration between the schools.

The cooperative “3+2” program will enroll up to five students a year in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering to complete the final two semesters of their Tongji University bachelor’s degree. Then the students will stay an additional year in Atlanta to earn a Georgia Tech master’s.

It’s a unique cooperative education program on campus, said Ching-Hua Huang, the environmental engineering professor who has been shepherding the program through to approval.

“This will be a source of high-quality students from China, [and] it adds to our international portfolio,” Huang said. “We are connecting with a top university in Tongji, and already there are quite a few faculty members who have very active interactions with Tongji’s faculty.

“A program like this will create the opportunity to share students, strengthen research collaborations, and possibly [encourage] more educational collaborations in the future.”

The program will enroll its first students in fall 2015. Tongji also has similar agreements with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of California, Berkeley.

“Georgia Tech, in particular, is a well-respected, cutting-edge technology and engineering university,” Huang said. “We are at the top in the nation in terms of an engineering entrepreneurial spirit, creating engineering solutions to solve grand challenges that the world faces.

“I think we shine [in that respect].”

See a sample program of study for students in the "3+2" program.