Geosystems Engineering

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Our geosystems engineering program merges geotechnics, geophysics, geomechanics and geology.

We focus on the behavior of natural materials in engineered systems, encompassing traditional and emerging topics within the field — like advanced techniques for site and material characterization; constitutive and micromechanical modeling; natural and man-made hazard mitigation; engineered soils; biotechnology; geotechnical aspects of resource recovery; and foundation design, slope stability, and excavation support.

Our graduate students work with world-class faculty to conduct fundamental and applied research using analytical, numerical, and experimental methods. They also help us teach and participate in a wide range of professional development and social activities coordinated by the Georgia Tech Geotechnical Society.


Geosystems instruction facilities, research groups and laboratories occupy more than 10,000 square feet of custom space in the Mason Building. The research groups include:

Geoenvironmental Engineering Group

In-Situ Testing Research Group

Rock and Fracture Mechanics Research Group


Chloé Arson
Associate Professor
Rudolph Bonaparte
Professor of the Practice
Susan E. Burns
Associate Chair for Finance and Administration & Professor
G. Wayne Clough
Secretary Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution; President Emeritus, Georgia...
Sheng Dai
Associate Professor & Group Coordinator
Jenny Freeman
Administrative Professional Senior
J. David Frost
Elizabeth and Bill Higginbotham Professor
Haiying Huang
Associate Professor
James Lai
Professor Emeritus
Jorge Macedo
Assistant Professor
Paul W. Mayne
Professor Emeritus