Transportation Systems Engineering

Tall concrete bridge span over the water next to an older truss bridge span.



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Transportation systems are the building blocks of modern society. Efficient and safe movement of information, people, goods and services ensures a thriving economy and improves our quality of life.

Our students study not only the efficient, safe design and operations of these critical linkages but also the systems’ influence on our travel behavior, how we design our communities and the quality of our environment. Working with our faculty of world-renowned scholars, graduate students also help improve the design and performance of our transportation systems as well as our understanding of how they fit into the environmental, institutional and social contexts of our society.

Students supplement their core technical transportation courses in urban planning, traffic engineering, highway and transit facility design, administration, and statistical analysis with interdisciplinary coursework from other units across Georgia Tech.


Our research facilities include a unique traffic signal lab, an instrumented vehicle lab, and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) laboratory.


Adjo A. Amekudzi-Kennedy
Associate Chair for Global Engineering Leadership and Entrepreneurship,...
Robert B. Carswell
Program Support Coordinator
Giovanni Circella
Senior Research Engineer
Samuel D. Coogan
Demetrius T. Paris Assistant Professor
Laurie A. Garrow
Franklin Gbologah
Research Engineer II
Randall L. Guensler
Professor & Group Coordinator
Angshuman Guin
Senior Research Engineer
Michael P. Hunter
Marjorie S. Jorgenson
Administrative Professional Senior
Jorge A. Laval
Haobing Liu
Research Engineer II / Instructor
Todd I. Long
Adjunct Professor of the Practice
John Z. Luh
Part-Time Lecturer
Patricia L. Mokhtarian
Clifford and William Greene, Jr. Professor
Srinivas Peeta
Frederick R. Dickerson Chair & Professor
Michael O. Rodgers
Regents Researcher
Catherine Ross
Adjunct Professor
Frank Southworth
Adjunct Principal Research Scientist
Wonho Suh
Yi-Chang James Tsai
Kari E. Watkins
Frederick Law Olmsted Associate Professor
Roger L. Wayson
Adjunct Professor