Baabak Ashuri


Baabak Ashuri is Professor in Schools of Building Construction, and Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Fellow of Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems at Georgia Tech. His research/teaching occupy a distinctive position, bridging the fields of building construction, civil and environmental engineering, economics, and operations research. His work has focused on Quantitative Methods for Construction Engineering and Management with important contributions in the areas of construction analytics, innovative project delivery, and valuation of green-energy investments. He has 159 publications, including 44 refereed-journal papers, and secured $6.77M funding from NSF, FHWA, DOE, CII, GDOT, and Perkins+Will, to name a few. The impact of Dr. Ashuri’s research was recognized by several awards (CII/FIATECH Outstanding Early Career Researcher, ASCE Thomas Fitch Rowland, ASC National Research Faculty, DBIA Distinguished Leadership, and AASHTO High-Value Research “Sweet Sixteen”). Dr. Ashuri has chaired the ASCE Construction Research Council (CRC) and currently serves on the ASCE Construction Institute (CI) Board of Governors.


Quantitative Methods for Construction Engineering and Management, Construction Analytics, Construction Economics - Econometric Modeling for Construction Cost Analysis and Forecasting, Innovative Project Delivery Systems and Alternative Contracting Methods, Project Finance - Real Options Analysis for Infrastructure Asset Valuation, Public-Private Partnership (P3), Economic Decision Analysis and Investment Evaluation Methods, Valuation of Green-Energy Investments and Sustainable Buildings, Risk Analysis, BIM Log Mining: Data Mining of BIM Projects

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