Lisa G. Rosenstein

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Dr. Rosenstein created and directs the Charles E. Gearing Program in Engineering Communication. Begun in 1998 and funded by the Mundy family, the CEE communications program implements a new model of engineering education, one that directly links communication skills with course content. It does so by meaningfully integrating instruction on written, visual and oral communication into the engineering curriculum. At the undergraduate level, Dr. Rosenstein co-teaches the core CEE engineering courses, frequently lectures in elective engineering courses, and often provides teaching materials for her colleagues. At the graduate level, she teaches a stand-alone course in engineering communication that addresses how to achieve a clear and direct writing style across a wide range of technical documents, how to effectively display quantitative data, and how to create and deliver oral presentations. Additionally, Dr. Rosenstein guides undergraduate students and student teams through written reports and oral presentations and helps graduate students prepare theses, journal articles, conference presentations, and fellowship applications.