Muhanna to deliver invited lecture at gathering of world’s experts on uncertainty modeling

Rafi Muhanna is headed to India in May to participate in a meeting of leading researchers working on fuzzy and interval-based uncertainty modeling.

Muhanna, an internationally recognized expert in such modeling, will deliver one of the key lectures at the meeting. He will focus on using interval arithmetic to help quantify the uncertainty that exists in all aspects of life.

The invitation is an honor, Muhanna said, noting it also reflects the world-class expertise in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Muhanna said scientists are constantly advancing the tools that help them quantify uncertainty. Typically, they use probability theory. But in situations with incomplete, sparse or conflicting information, probability theory is inadequate. That’s where his specialty, interval-based analysis, comes in.

The meeting on fuzzy and interval-based uncertainty modeling is a follow-up to a 2013 gathering. It’s organized by the National Institute of Technology in Rourkela, India, and the Indian government’s Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences.