Amoaning-Yankson wins Society of Women Engineers leadership scholarship

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Ph.D. student Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson.

Ph.D. student Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson received the Fran O’Sullivan Women in Lenovo Leadership Scholarship from the Society of Women Engineers last week.

The award, given to just one student in the nation each year, pays for Amoaning-Yankson to travel to the organization’s annual conference. She said it serves as encouragement for her continued studies and pursue her goal to work in transportation and policy after graduation.

Amoaning-Yankson works with Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy to improve how transportation systems withstand natural threats, including those posed by climate change.

“The framework [I’m developing] focuses on human and social components of the transportation system in addition to the technical components,” Amoaning-Yankson said. “I’m seeking to identify processes and strategies that can be applied to enhance the physical, organizational and financial resilience of transport systems.”